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Board of Directors
The Jackson Oaks Home Owners Association is governed by a seven member board of directors. All board members are volunteers who receive no compensation for their work. Directors are elected on a rotating basis by members of the association to serve two year terms at the annual meeting. In the event of a vacancy on the board, remaining board members may appoint a replacement to serve the balance of the unexpired term. The board oversees day to day operations of the association. Duties of the board include establishing policies, setting budgets and assessments, appointing committees and approving contracts or other legal documents. The board typically meets six times per year. The date, time and location of the meetings are outlined in the Boards Event Calendar and included in the quarterly newsletter. All meetings are open to association members. Member comments are accepted at the regular meeting.
Role Member Name  Term Expires
President Bill Nichols 2019
Secretary Pete Pedersen 2018
Treasurer Jeff Lang 2019
Members at Large Matt Vranes 2019

Gary Ames 2019

Open 2019

Open 2019

The seven members Board of Directors positions are filled by homeowners in an open process of nomination and election outlined under Election Policies and Procedures. The directors are elected for staggered two-year terms in the fall. 

The association needs homeowners who really care about our community and our association to step forward and play active roles. The responsibilities of our board members are not trivial, but neither are they overwhelming. If you are interested in serving our community please review the Roles and Responsibilities of a board member. Owners may make either a self-nomination or nominate another homeowner (with their permission) for the board at the next election.