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Compliance Enforcement

Jackson Oaks has two main types of CC&R's requiring enforcement:  Architectural standards and use restrictions.  Both have well defined processes for their enforcement, with the framework for enforcement defined by Oregon law and with many details filled in by our CC&R's and Association policies. The board maintains confidentiality in enforcement.  
Guiding principles throughout CC&R enforcement include these: 
  • CC&R enforcement is for the benefit of all owners. The goal is to serve the interests of the entire community.
  • The same standards apply equally to all owners.
  • To the greatest extent possible the standards are the language of our governing documents, not the opinions or desires of the individuals who execute the enforcement   processes.
  • CC&R's are part of a legally binding contract between each individual owner and the set of all other owners in Jackson Oaks. Homeowners sign this contract when they close escrow to buy their property
To report a possible Covenants violation please complete and submit the following information using the online form below or you may download and complete the hard-copy Compliance Form. The board will investigate and respond to complaints from residents.