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Home Modification Review Process

Are you considering a home or property modification?

  • Examples of additions or modifications requiring DRC review include but are not limited to satellite dish installations, home exterior painting, fencing, swimming pool installations or building additions. If you are not sure whether a review is required please review the CC&R’s, Administrative Guidelines and/or contact us
  • The design review process begins with submitting a Home Modification Review form. This submittal can be either for preliminary review or for final approval review; the required project information, drawings are listed on the application. 
  • Please mail the Home Modification Review form to JONA at the address in the contact us link or deliver the information to a member of the DRC. Owners will be contacted for a personal application review. The DRC meets on an as-needed basis to review owner submissions for changes or additions to their homes and landscaping. 
  • The DRC acting on behalf of the Home Owners Association monitors all applicable home additions, remodeling and significant landscape projects and revisions to ensure compliance with the Covenants.  
* NOTE: No construction may begin before final approval has been granted by the Design Review Committee.

Preliminary Review
  • The purpose of a preliminary application is to allow for review of any sketches or drawings at an early stage in the planning process to ascertain if the general proposal conforms to the Jackson Oaks architectural philosophy. Preliminary reviews are encouraged so that modifications that might be required in the Covenants are taken into consideration before final design work is completed and construction permits are granted by the City of Central Point. The applicant may apply directly for final review if this is desirable for scheduling reasons or if plans are already complete. 
* NOTE: Preliminary approval does not confer the right to file for construction permits or to begin construction. Final Review is required of all projects. Failure to receive final approval before beginning construction may result in fines and other sanctions being imposed.

Final Review
  • The Committee will review all required documentation and the application will receive one of the following: “Approved”, “Denied,” or “Subject to”. 
  • If the application is “Denied,” the applicant must submit a new proposal. No construction may begin. 
  • If the application is given “Subject to”, the applicant must provide any required project information to the DRC before applying for building permits and beginning construction. 
  • Final “Approval” may be given if the required information has been submitted and approved, such as satisfactory landscape plans and exterior paint color samples. Approvals will be valid for one year, after which plans must be resubmitted if approved work has not been initiated.