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Rental Property

Renting or Leasing a Home
The purpose of this link is to improve communication and raise awareness of the neighborhood rules and procedures to assist rental owners, rental companies and tenants. In addition this information will be used to provide tenants a neighborhood welcome package and for emergency contact. Owners are obligated to provide the Association, per the Landlord Standards Policy, with tenant information using the Rental & Leasing Tenant Information form.

It’s important to note that an Association has no direct authority over tenants. It does, however, have certain authority over the homeowners relative to the governing documents and may exert that right when it comes to enforcing the Association’s covenants, policies and rules. This disconnect creates some practical problems for the board in communicating with tenants since there is always a middle person to deal with. In most cases the landlord will be the first point of contact and the person held responsible.

The support of all of our neighbors in complying with the neighborhood rules is important to the success of our community. Covenants ostensibly ensure that our residential area will remain a desirable one to live in and the properties contained therein will retain their value. 

Tenants’ rights are protected under the Fair Housing Act as well as state landlord-tenant laws. Policies or rules that violate any rights protected by state or federal law are not legal and cannot be enforced. That said, tenants do have a responsibility to live up to the rental/lease agreement they signed, which should require compliance with all Association governing documents, as well as local and federal laws.