About JONA

A neighborhood many Oregon families love to call home. First and foremost, the Association strives to preserve home values and quality of life by maintaining Jackson Oaks as a high-quality residential community. This unique neighborhood situated between two creeks, bordered by rural farmland on the outskirts of the City of Central Point, offers a prime suburban setting and many convenient area amenities. Central Point has good access to the City of Medford and surrounding communities while providing a smaller hometown feel. Whether it is the local county fair, well-attended High School football games or concerts at the Britt Festival in nearby Jacksonville, the Central Point area is a welcoming community.

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The purpose of this section is to improve communication and raise awareness of the neighborhood rules and procedures to assist rental owners, rental companies and tenants. The owner/agent is responsible for providing the Association a completed Rental & Lease Tenant Information form within ten (10) days of the execution of a new rental/leasing agreement or when the agreement is renewed or modified.

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