The Association monitors rental properties within Jackson Oaks Neighborhood Association to ensure that the tenants are aware of and are complying with the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs), By-Laws and all resolutions, policies, rules and regulations of the Association.

It’s important to note that an Association has no direct authority over tenants. It does, however, have certain authority over the homeowners relative to the governing documents and may exert that right when it comes to enforcing the Association’s covenants, policies and rules. This disconnect creates some practical problems for the board in communicating with tenants since there is always a middle person to deal with. The homeowner will be the first point of contact and the person held responsible.

  1. The owner/agent is responsible for providing the Association a completed Rental & Lease Tenant Information form within ten (10) days of the execution of a new rental/leasing agreement or when the agreement is renewed or modified.

  2. Owners/agents are responsible for providing tenants with governing documents. The documents are available on the Associations website.

  3. The owner/agent is responsible for monitoring covenant compliance and complying with relevant Governing Documents of the Association.

  4. The owner/agent will be notified of any violations of the covenants per the compliance policy stating the violation. The homeowner is responsible for resolving the violation with the tenant per the notice of violation. The owner may be levied fines for non-compliance of the covenants. It's up to the owner to seek reimbursement from the tenant for any fines levied.

  5. The tenants are responsible for communicating neighborhood or rental property concerns or rules compliance questions to the Association through the owner/agent.

  6. The home may not be sub-leased by tenants.